As a distributor we help local and international brands to get on the shelfs in any Nordic Retail chain. 

As a distributor we help local and international brands to get on the shelfs in any Nordic Retail chain. Additionally we assist in product development and local versioning and optimizations. 


We work with a large range of the most influential Nordic and International retail chains, trading local and global brands, ensuring the best marketing and positioning for our partners and their products.



Both from a brand as well as a product perspective we consult and execute on local adaptions and optimizations ensuring your product is targeted right, either if on the Nordic or International market. 

Hitting the right price point, with the right partner, and getting the best possible facing on the shelves.

Product Development

We have developed our own Fresh & Fruity, fruit cordial, Energy and Electrolyte sirups, high-quality to an affordable price.  Panky Pancake and Dino Dragon a private label solution of kids products. Quality Europe continuously strive to develop new products and private label solutions. 

Our latest product is our own label of edible cake decorating Dannebrog-flags, made of dark chocolate which will be on the shelves in 2020. Avo-stone is the single use non-plastic tableware from Mexico, that Quality Europe has the license to sell in all over the world as our own private label. Read more on , because we care. 

Market Research

An important part of our services is a very thorough research when approaching a market with a new product and/or new partner. Our goal is for our partners to feel safe throughout the, sometimes long, process to get a new product listed, which requires serious preparations.

Private Label Solutions

Some partners are looking for private label solutions on some of our products, and we are more than happy to also provide this service. Our in-house designer can help with your design if needed, or we follow your instructions. A Private Label is even possible with fairly low minimum quantities and can add a lot of value to your Brand name.